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Netflix has made its way into more than 80 million users homes around the world. It is the biggest and most popular media streaming service on the internet. If you like watching movies and shows then almost surely you use Netflix. Though it is a USA based company, Netflix began expanding internationally, and the first country it expanded to was Canada back in 2010. However, even with this, users in Canada get little less than 4700 pieces of content, between movies and shows, but in Netflix USA the number goes up to about 6750! That’s more than two thousand reasons to watch Netflix USA. Click here to start!
As we mentioned before, Netflix started expanding fairly recently, however it has been available for more than ten years in USA, so it’s only natural it would have more content. However, there are some issues that go along with this. Netflix has to adapt its library depending on which country the user’s connected from in order to follow all the policies, regulations and independent company contracts around it. For instance, Disney has a deal with Netflix to let them stream their all their content, but only for Netflix USA. Sounds bad, right?
So, is it possible to watch US Netflix in Canada? Many Netflix users deal with this problem. Since the library difference can sometimes be huge, people try to find ways to get around and watch US netflix so many of them stumbled upon something called VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software of service that allows you to encrypt you data by making it pass through a secure virtual server. Some of the most popular were Blockless, Hola and Tor. They can also hide your IP to make you connection location not available or change it to make it look as if you’re connected from somewhere else! People got a way to watch netflix USA, until Netflix blocked it that is.
Netflix noticed this and had to find a way to solve it and to save them any trouble. That’s why they implemented a VPN detector system that launches as soon as you try to log in. Giving you a message implying that you are using a VPN system or a location blocker, and asks you to turn it off so you can access their content. That’s how Netflix got rid of their VPN. But you’re still paying the same as in USA, so it should only be fair for you the get the same amount of content right?
Many users lost their access to watch Netflix USA. even though Tor (The Onion Router), a well known VPN and geo-blocking software may work, it is not recommended to stream videos thanks to its constant encrypting that make your internet connection slow-down a lot, which means constant buffering, not HD quality etc… But now you can use StrongVPN! By using a SmartDNS system and advanced VPN software, it safely encrypts your data, protects your browsing, and lets you watch US Netflix! It can easily pass through Netflix’s VPN detector and connect to the system from USA. There are still plenty other VPN services around, but some of them are phony and get a peak of your data to collect it, and others simply won’t be able to pass through Netflix’s VPN detector, but by choosing StrongVPN you can be sure that this would be no problem, all your data is safe and your access to watch Netflix USA is guaranteed. More than 10.000 users around the world serve as a guarantee of the quality of the service we offer! It all starts here!

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Even though Netflix is an online platform that streams shows globally, not all subscribers receive the same access to its channels. Because of inefficient local restrictions and realistically impractical bargaining, Netflix users have different shows according to their physical locations. Yet, an easy-to-use Blockless platform subscription delivers an optimal solution to this problem, allowing users to enjoy all American Netflix shows in the UK.


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