We have come so far in the technology world. It is such an amazement in every aspect, including our capability to stream awesome television shows and movies. Netflix, to many people, is one of the best inventions for this generation. Netflix is even creating its own original content, content that is award winning. Currently, over 190 countries and over 80 million users are enrolled in Netflix memberships. All of this sounds fantastic, so where is the drawback? As of right now, Netflix USA offers so much more than any other Netflix, including Netflix Canada. The majority of Netflix users are from the US. Every other country is missing out on the extensive collection of Netflix USA and that is simply not okay. Get started here!
Who will help you with this horrible Netflix drawback? You may be thinking that the solution is complex and not worth the time and effort, but there is a simple way for Netflix Canada to turn into US Netflix. You can quickly and easily obtain a StrongVPN account and use its secure servers to get access to the internet from over 30 different locations with just a few quick clicks. When you use your StrongVPN account you can alter the “region-lock” on Netflix to make it appear as if you are connected from the US. In a very short time, the limited Netflix Canada turns into Netflix USA and you can watch the shows and movies you have been deprived from watching.
At this point, you may be asking yourself if this perfect solution is safe and legitimate. Nothing this easy can be secure and that’s where you would be wrong. The first and foremost priority is to stay secure and safe as you transfer from Netflix Canada to Netflix USA. The SmartDNS system of StrongVPN makes it completely protected. Rest easy while you are accessing American Netflix because you can also use it for your own personal security. There are many users who are currently using it to protect their privacy when attaining personal things like bank account information or any other private data. You can browse freely without leaving any trace. Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to securely connect to the internet. You can have the best of Netflix and all of the extras with this simple and secure solution.
Why decide to partake in our services? There are numerous VPN services all over the internet that claim they can protect you against security issues and data stealing. You’ll find out that most of them imply that they offer the “safest” way to browse the internet. The scary thing about many of these sites is that they are all completely untrustworthy and will deceit you with every click. And the worst part is about these “reliable sites” is they usually get identified by Netflix security and get blocked immediately. When you’re using StrongVPN you can safely browse the internet with your information completely safe. The 130,000 users spanning over 30 countries around the world are testament enough to StrongVPN’s capability of allowing you to browse through the hit shows and movie on Netflix USA, no matter where you are located. You can also enjoy the added bonus of searching the internet safely. Connect with StrongVPN and forget about worrying over the security of your connection and browse happily!
The best thing about this service is that you can test it before you make a commitment to purchase it. You will not find a better deal that offers such security and easy use. For one month, StrongVPN will allow you to utilize all of its features browsing capabilities completely free of charge. And when I say free I mean you are not required to input any credit card data! Keep all of your credentials safe with no compromise! Believe it or not you can use our full service for one whole month, and if you decide to make the best decision of your internet journey, you can easily purchase a subscription. You have the option of a monthly subscription or take advantage of the full year subscription that will save you money. When you decide to purchase StrongVPN you will be able to watch American Netflix from anywhere in the world while using a secure browsing in just one simple step. The unlimited bandwidth, high-speed and trustworthy service is the best choice any one will offer you. Start and click this link!

Bring the American Netflix to your screens with just one simple step!

Netflix is an international platform but people can only use their own specified country. This is because it’s restricted. We are providing the best solution for turning Canadian Netflix into American, or you can watch any Netflix country in your own town. By getting this program you can watch Netflix USA in your own country.

Tutorial American Netflix Worldwide – 2017

What´s needed?

First of all you need a Netflix Account, this can be an account from any country it doesn’t matter. Secondly you will need a StronVPN account that you can get here  click. After you have grabbed the deal you can follow the tutorial below to set it up within 3 minutes, then you can watch the American Netflix movies and series, and if you want you can watch other country’s also.

Signup process?

It’s very easy to signup you can click here. We will offer you a discount with 41% so you can get the program very cheap, just click here. Also we offer a 5-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied you will get your money back directly!
It’s up to you if you want a monthly or a yearly plan, you can always first test it with a monthly plan if you like.

Downloading application

The program is available for any device including Windows, iOS, iPad, iPhone etc, Adroid, Mac OS X, TV. After you have purchased your StrongVPN you need to download their application on the website, you can do this by clicking on the setup page.


If you have downloaded the application, you can login with your email and password. After that you can select your favorite country and press connect. In this example we want to watch the American Netflix, so we select the USA.

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What´s left

After this all you have to do is launch the Netflix application and you are good to go. Just do this as you normal would do.



 Enjoy your movies and TV shows in full HD quality just as if you’re using your local Netflix platform. Stream all the content of the Netflix of America like you were there.



With your StrongVPN DNS settings you can enjoy the American Netflix on all your devices, whether you are relaxing watching a show by yourself on your tablet, or if you’re having a family movie night!



Using this StrongVPN is legal and safe to use, you are connected to a secured and private steady connection.


Join today and start enjoying all your favourite shows.

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